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Why sealcoat?

  • To protect the asphalt from uv rays and water damage.
  • To improve the curb appeal of the property.
  • To increase the value of a property.
  • To lower the maintenance costs of pavement. 

Asphalt & Concrete

  • We remove and replace asphalt and concrete.
  • For verification, we identify repair areas with marking paint before work is begun.

HOT! Crack Filling

Why HOT crack fill?

  • To SAVE MONEY! It is by far the best choice to save money and prevent repair and replacement.
  • Crack fill is designed to reduce the amount of water infiltration into pavement and reinforce the adjacent pavement.
  • We use a Crafco trailer mounted crack fill machine.  Can easily do up to 20,000 lineal feet in a day.
  • Hot fill is vastly superior to cold fill products. 

Pavement Striping & Warehouse Striping

  • Re-striping is very cost effective in improving the curb appeal and safety of parking lot.   
  • We only use high quality Sherwin-Williams TRAFFIC paint.  Not some watered down cheap paint that some contractors use. 
  • And yes, we do warehouse striping using epoxy.